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I don’t know about you, but this is the hardest time of the year. Late winter/early spring is the season that tries men’s souls. We know something better is coming and we have endured long dark, cold months. It is the time when I feel like giving in and giving up.

My soul aches with the plea toward heaven, “How much longer, Lord?” And just when the temperatures begin to rise and the sun shines warm...BLAM... another cold, windy snow event.

Our walk of faith is very much like this pattern. Just when we’ve passed through the darkest valleys and have seen a glimpse of a breakthrough...BLAM... another setback. It is in those times where our faith is severely tested. It is in those times where many of us falter.

But my word to you is, “Be of good cheer.” I (Jesus) have overcome the world. Hang on, friend, spring is coming and with it comes light and warmth and greenery and song birds. The long dark night is over...joy cometh in the morning.

As a Christian, I am certain to be an over comer in every situation. In every single one...as long as I don’t give up. It is as sure as spring following winter, regardless of the occasional setbacks.

As I look out my window on a wet, cold, gray day with a foot of snow still on the ground, I am reminded by the Lord somewhere south of here a small robin has just been given a word by Him, “Start heading towards Iowa.”

Does that robin know something I don’t? Why is he flying here with such assurance of better days ahead? I marvel sometimes when they arrive just in time for a snowstorm. What determination they have. And they don’t turn around and fly back south because they KNOW better days are certain to come. And they never give up.

Oh, what great faith they have and what a great lesson they can teach us all.

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