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A holiday to celebrate being frustrated

A holiday to celebrate being frustrated

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Have you ever been so angry or frustrated with somebody, especially when the other person doesn’t give a care as to how you feel? Or, you are experiencing a situation that is frustrating?

I think most of us feel this way given the current politic environment in our country.

The only thing you can do is scream, scream out loud.

What if you were given a specific day in which you could scream out loud and no one would question your behavior?

Well, Saturday, Oct. 12, is the day for you — it is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day.

The designated time is actually Noon Greenwich Time, which converts to 6 a.m. our time.

I would suggest everyone go outside at 6 on Saturday morning and collectively scream. It may be an early wake-up for some.

The reason for the holiday is simple — it’s a way to help individuals get their minds off their usual routines and customs even just for a day.

Some say screaming and yelling out loud is a way to release hurtful and disturbing feelings toward a situation, circumstances or even people, as an example of good anger management.

If just walking out into your yard and randomly screaming at 6 a.m. doesn’t appeal to you, how about finding an activity that induces a scream, such as watching a scary movie or bungee jumping.

Hopefully, by now, you realize I am just kidding.

I don’t believe this is the best way to get rid of feelings of anger or frustration.

I believe, like many things in our society, we are looking for a quick way to feel better.

The point of my writing about this holiday is simple.

Everyone experiences frustration in their lives. Some of us experience more frustration than others.

However, we don’t need to wait for a special occasion to release that frustration.

When we are experiencing frustration, we need to have a positive way to release those feelings.

Find ways to take those negative feelings and turn them into a positive ones.

We see much negativity (which I believe has come from an abundance of personal frustration) in our world from reports of abuse and neglect, suicides, mass killings of family members down to bullying.

Again, I believe it all stems from one thing — frustration — which then is manifested in ways I just mentioned.

Bottom line, let’s find a way to not get to the point of frustration.

As I tell my daughter, “Smile in the face of sorrow.”

Or, in this case, let out a good scream!


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