Riley Witt and his state fair projects

Riley Witt with his two state fair projects, a wooden cutting board and a metal sign.

OSAGE – Riley Witt’s handmade creates of wood and metal got the attention of the judges at this year’s Mitchell County Fair. So much, both of his entries were chosen for the Iowa State Fair.

Witt, a member of the Mitchell County Mighty Members 4-H Club, created a checkered cutting board made of Maple and Walnut, along with a large metal “W,” along with his family’s name being incorporated in the project.

“I got the idea (for the cutting board) off the Internet,” Witt said. He created the 10-inch by 12-inch cutting board by taking a light colored board of Maple and a dark colored piece of Walnut and fastening them back-to-back with two sided tape.

“I then drew squiggly lines and cut down the vertical lines,” he said. “I then positioned every other cut piece so they alternated in color.” He then repeated the process, except he marked and cut the lines horizontally. While the board is checked with alternating pieces of light Maple and Dark Walnut, the individual pieces are not square, creating a unique artistic design.

After gluing the pieces back together, he used vegetable oil as a sealer for the wood. He then laser engraved the family’s name in a corner of the cutting board. Witt said the unique board will probably find a home in his mother’s kitchen, but doubts it will ever be used to cut on.

Witt’s second project is a metal sign, which he hopes to place in their home. Witt created a large “W” for the family’s last name. Half way down the large black letter he inscribed the “Witt” family name.

“It started as a piece of sheet metal,” he said. “I cut out my personal design with a plasma cutter. I then ground and sanded the surface to make it smooth. Then I coated it with powder coat and put it in the oven to bake.

“I am going to put it above the stonework on our fireplace. I think it will look pretty cool there.”

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