Winter is here and in its prime.

With blizzards, record temperatures, and snow coating the roads, the people of Mitchell County need to be prepared (if you aren’t already), for the worst.

Here are some essential supplies to keep in your vehicle, and some tips and tricks to stay one step ahead of the weather. You never know when something could happen. You may end up on the side of the road, or even in the ditch. If this happens, this supply kit could help keep you and your passengers safe.


1. Blankets

2. Non-perishable snacks (such as candy, granola bars, chips, etc)

3. Bottles (or gallons) of water

4. First-Aid kit

5. Ice scraper/snow brush.

6. Small shovel (in case vehicle gets stuck)

7. Anti-Freeze

8. Flashlights and extra batteries

9. An extra outfit

10. Automatic heat packs (hand warmers)

11. Extra phone charger

12. Tow ropes

13. Jumper cables

14. Salt or kitty litter

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15. Small tool kit

In cold weather, vehicles start to need more to maintain. These few tricks will help keep your cars in good condition.


1. If leaving a vehicle outside, you should keep the gas tank more than 3/4 full to keep from freezing.

2. If snow is not in the forecast, lay out towels on the windshield to keep it from frosting over.

3. Park your car facing eastward. The sun rises from the east, and will help melt the snow and ice off of the vehicle.

4. Keep extra fuel on hand.

5. Keep headlights and brake lights cleaned off.

6. Start the vehicle for 15-30 minutes before using it.

7. Check and maintain air in the tires

8. Check for road conditions before leaving.

9. Do not slam on the breaks, ice and snow will cause you to slide.

10. Do not drive with the cruise control on.

11. Give yourself plenty of space in between vehicles.

12. If sliding, do not over correct it.

13. Do not stop on a hill or steep incline. You will have a hard time gaining traction to accelerate.

14. Keep windshield wiper fluid full.

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