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OSAGE | When Georgia Knudsen and Freddy Rodriguez met at a restoration business in Mason City, the pair clicked, connecting over conversations about work, their personal lives and goals, discovering they had a lot in common.

"One day we were cleaning up after a fire and as we worked, we realized there was a need in the community for the kind of service we were providing," Knudsen said. 

Knudsen, of Osage, and Rodriguez, of Hampton, created “What’s Next?” a business designed to tackle tasks people sometimes struggle with, such as emptying a home as someone transitions into a nursing home or after someone has died. 

Rodriguez and Knudsen offer free consultations for their services, which include sorting, painting, light cleaning and staging the sale of a home or its household contents. 

“We really try to focus on just helping families,” Knudsen said. “If there is a need there, we want to help."

Both have experience with their own families needing help. 

“We just knew it was this little niche no one in the community was taking care of,” Knudsen said. “Movers move you out, they’ll even pack, but afterwards, when there is mess left over, it can take days to finish cleaning up the house to get it ready for sale.

“So who cleans it up, who knows where things should go and how to dispose of what isn’t wanted? We take care of it for families who are wondering what to do, who to call, where the dumpsters come from.”

The business is insured, and Rodriguez is also certified in crime scene clean-up. 

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