OSAGE – On Friday, August 2, two young 4-Hers entered the cattle show ring for their first time at the Mitchell County Fair.

Aubry Rogers, daughter of Jeff and Savannah Rogers, of Orchard, is no stranger to cattle, having showed in the Bucket-Bottle Calf event in previous years, but for KaRena Herrick, daughter of Jason and Becky Herrick, of Osage, this was her first outing in the show ring.

Rogers, a member of the Osage High Tower 4-H Club, has grown up on a farm. Rogers said she loves to ride in the pickup with her granddad, Monty, as he routinely checks on his herd of beef cows. “My calf is named ‘Popcorn’ because it is white,” Rogers said. Popcorn is a 1,000 pound, Purebred Shorthorn Heifer.

Before entering the show ring, she said, “I am a little nervous.

For Herrick, a member of the Rocky Ramblers 4-H Club, it has been a very different experience. Both her parents conceded they had never been around showing cattle and their daughter was relying on fellow 4-H members to teacher how to show. “This is all new to us,” her dad, Jason, said. “It was the first year for me, too,” added her mother, Becky.

“Shelby Blake got me interested in this,” Herrick said. “She taught me how to lead my calf the right way.” Blake, a 4-H member and spring graduate of Osage High School, has become a mentor to the aspiring showman.

Both young ladies had to prepare their animals for the show. “We have been working with my calf for a couple of months,” Rogers said. “It was kind of hard to break to lead. I like to lead her and work with her.

“We gave my heifer a bath today. Sometimes she doesn’t like baths and sometimes she does.”

“I have been working with my calf for a few months,” Herrick said. “I have been leading and washing it.”

Herrick was first called to the show ring, to exhibit her shorthorn steer, “Stormy.” As the most experienced showmen know, cattle can act different before a large crowd than they do when being led at home. Stormy was pretty dossal in the ring and displayed a bit of stubbornness.

“It was a little bit scary going into the show ring,” Herrick said. “The hardest part was to keep him walking and not to stop.” Herrick’s mentor, Blake, was next to her in the same class, so she could help the young showman.

Rogers’s heifer Popcorn reacted differently in the show ring, as the animal was more skittish around the large crowd. Though the heifer bolted a couple of times, Rogers reeled in the heifer, calming her. “It went good, but it was kind of scary,” Rogers said after she had returned from the ring. “I had fun doing it and I am going to come back.”

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