Following the submission of Mitchell County’s new five supervisory districts, the county had to do a minor modification.

The modified redistricting plan was presented by Rita Dvorak, Riceville, a member of the county’s Temporary Redistricting Committee, during the Tuesday, Nov. 26 meeting of the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors.

“No changes were submitted for the District boundaries,” Dvorak said. “The changes submitted were for the precincts within District 1 and District 2. Each Ward was required to have its own precinct. Therefore, two additional precincts were added to accommodate the west portion of Osage Township, Precinct 11, and the east portion of Osage Township, Precinct 12.”

With this change, committee members decided to name the City of Osage precincts the same number as the existing Ward numbers. “While the initial districts, which are based on equal population, will not be changed,” Dvorak said. “We believe the state asked for the modifications to help simplify ballots during general elections.”

After hearing the modifications from the redistricting committee the Supervisors approved the new plan. It will now be resubmitted to the state for approval.

Mitchell County Engineer Rich Brumm notified the Board FEMA Funding will currently only pay their portion for the cost of replacing (original size and original type) of an original structure, when FEMA isn’t provided with a county’s written policy.

Brumm said Mitchell County needed to develop a policy so FEMA will then pay their portion of the cost of a new, improved structure.

Mitchell County Sheriff Greg Beaver and Mitchell County Attorney Mark Walk spoke about an issue regarding a prisoner who had a Wisconsin arrest warrant and had been arrested in Mitchell County.

They stated the prisoner, while in custody, incurred a health issue, which cost nearly $2,000, but the officials in Wisconsin have been lax in dealing with the medical costs for their prisoner.

“I don’t like how they are treating us,” Mark said. “Not even responding to my letter which I feel is unacceptable. Walk said he who would draft another letter.

Walk then asked Beaver how he would respond had a prisoner been arrested on a Mitchell County warrant and incurred medical treatment in another jail. Beaver said, “We have had that happen and we paid the bill.”

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