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OSAGE | The Osage High School Library is a place where many come during their school day. They don’t often take much time to see all the new and awesome things about the library and how it has became more of a safe place for students.

It all started off with me sitting in the brand new chairs/couches the library offers.

While taking a look around, I see an assortment of things such as books, students workings on projects, brand new tables for work space, and lots of students smiling and enjoying their time there.

While observing all that, I could I couldn’t help but notice a lot of technology around the library. There were things such as computer cables, Chromebooks, phones, headphones and many other things that we have in everyday life.

While walking around some more, I came across an area inside the library full of books There something I didn’t really notice while being in there until closer inspection: one of the walls is full of quotations that you may have heard of before such as, “Only you can control your future,” and, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

A library is a place where people are expected to be quiet, but it’s possible to hear tons of students whispering and working on projects. I can’t help but notice the friendly librarians who probably get taken for granted. The library staff at OHS are some of the nicest people you will ever encounter.

While sitting in my chair, I heard an abundance of greetings and goodbyes from them. You might not hear it because of all the noises such as the bells, the printer, the children laughing and fans blowing, but when you do, you can’t help but notice the amount of care and sincerity they have in their voices.

There has been numerous times where they have offered help to other people, even when they might have things to do because in the end, their goal is to help the students succeed. They always have something to do since the library is a busy place, and I noticed that they work very hard and seem love their jobs.

I enjoyed my stay in the library and I can say it is a place I could truly call not only a safe place, but also a home.

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