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McInroy in sculpting class

McInroy working with student Julia King in sculpting class.

OSAGE | At Osage High School, there are many different opportunities for art classes.

However art teacher Ryan McInroy needed something new. He decided to start a sculpture class for the new year.

None of this could have started without McInroy first becoming an art teacher.

McInroy started creating art as a teenager and has stuck with it ever since.

When asked why he became an art teacher, McInroy said, “My art teacher inspired me to become an art teacher. Just by my experience in his art room and his art classes. He didn’t say, ‘You should go be an art teacher,’ but he was a major influence on me becoming an art teacher.”

Throughout high school, McInroy took as many classes as he could, which continued through college. McInroy attended NIACC, Kirkwood and UNI, majoring in art education. While in college, McInroy learned how to teach art to primary and secondary art education students, with an emphasis in printmaking.

McInroy started teaching at Waterloo East High, staying there for three years. He then took the job at Osage Schools, where he has been teaching for the past seven years.

With McInroy teaching many different art classes, he now has a new class called Sculpture.

“Sculpture class is working with 3D materials to activate the space,” McInroy said. “We are using a variety of materials. We are going to be working with human form and abstract form, basically making art a person can view from all around.”

When asked what he was hoping to teach his students, McInroy said he wanted to teach his students how to think creatively and how to solve visual and spatial problems with non-traditional values.

Many of the students in the class said they took it because they wanted to try something new and challenge themselves a little bit more. That is exactly what McInroy is planning with several “challenging” projects. He is starting the class with a wire figurative movement project. He said he is then hoping to move on into projects involving recycled plastics, string art, and finally, plaster art.

When asked if he thought this class was going to be difficult for some students, he said, “Oh yes, it is difficult for most of them already.” McInroy said his main was to introduce 3D in a whole new way. He said he also wanted to encourage his students to challenge themselves and problem solve to they could grow with their artistic abilities.

McInroy said he was excited he was for this class and the projects to come, adding he can’t wait for it to be a class next year and in the years to come as well.

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