On Tuesday, Oct. 22, Sawyer Chisholm and Andrew Schneider represented Osage as outstanding delegates for economics at the state Capital building in Des Moines at the Model UN Iowa Youth Symposium.

Model UN students were given the opportunity to speak with experts in the area of their chosen research area.

Since Chisholm and Andrew had economics, their area of research dealt with the U.S. position in the UN on international trade agreements. They participated in a round table discussion with Mary M. McCarthy, Associate Professor of Political Science at Drake University.

McCarthy specializes in Japan’s domestic and foreign policies. She provided students with a wealth of knowledge about international trade agreements.

On Wednesday, Oct. 23 , the rest of the Osage Model UN team joined the Iowa Youth Symposium in Des Moines. Those members included, Chase Halbach, Rhett Ham, Rafe Miller, Elijah Bluhm, Jonah Bluhm, and Logan Martin.

On Wednesday Rei Tang was the Honorary Speaker for Iowa Youth Symposium. Tang is the program officer for climate change at the Stanley Foundation, where he oversees the team’s work to limit global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by advancing international policy and cooperation.

Following the opening ceremony, delegates were split into committees to compose formal UN resolutions on the four topics, covering economics, politics, social, and science.

The day ended with a closing ceremony at which the Outstanding Delegates summarized their committees’ resolutions.

Upcoming events for Osage Model UN include participating in the spring conference at the University of Northern Iowa. Osage will be researching and taking the position of Japan and the United Arab Emirates, in this Model UN Conference.

Topics are yet to be announced, but a sampling of the topics covered last year included cyber-security in elections, right of return for refugees, natural disaster preparation and relief, human trafficking and forced labor, crimes concerning humanitarian aid and drones as weapons.

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