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Iowa Big TV production

Those Iowa Big North - Osage students working on television production.

OSAGE | Iowa Big North-Osage students have ventured into new territory with production for TV. 

After removing the community kitchen on the second floor of the Osage Municipal Utilities Building, the students turned the area into a small studio space by adding soundproof foam, camera equipment and lights. 

“Right now, it’s all about letting the community know what’s going on,” said junior Owen Muller.

The students broadcast their creations on the OMU public access channel -- comedy skits, news stories, do-it-yourself tutorials, as well as what’s happening in the Osage area.

The broadcasts air every Monday at 5 p.m., junior Matt Olson said. 

While it’s a new venture for the students, several said it has given them another option to think about as a potential career. 

“After doing it, it’s something to think about,” said Osage High School junior Lauren Voaklander.

Students learned to work the camera equipment and the software that comes with it, as well as editing videos, using microphones and adjusting lighting. 

“Editing has been one of the hardest things to learn,” Muller said. 

The students have also been learning to work with B rolls, supplemental film clips shot from different angles. 

Students have scheduled interviews between work and school.

“Another thing we have to work on is just being comfortable talking to adults in the community outside of school," junior Nolan Byrnes said. "It makes you have to mature.”

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