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Joann Wells with Britani Evans of Rookies, create rubber-stamped ornaments at Create on Main Street, Osage.

The Osage City Council has approved a $10,000 Main Street Loan for Create so the business can expand. 

Create, a shop featuring DIY craft projects and group events that opened at 731 Main St. in 2017, will take possession of the Hometown Connections building in the same block on June 1. 

Hometown Connections is closing this month. Create, which is renting its current space, is buying the larger Hometown Connections building. 

During the May 6 city council meeting, Councilwoman Judy Voaklander said the expansion project will give Create some space for retail that it doesn't have now. 

Remodeling plans include new windows and a new garage door in the back of the building. 

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Create provides a space for individuals, families, clubs or groups to create their own craft projects.

"It's an exciting place," Voaklander said. 

Joann Wells, owner of Create, told the Press-News that once the business is up and running in its new home, four events can take place simultaneously. At her current location, she can only host one event at a time. 

The Osage Main Street Loan program provides interest-free loans of $2,000 to $10,000 over a 10-year period to businesses and organizations located on Main Street in the Tax Increment Financing District. 

The program is meant to provide incentive financing for business start-up, improvement or expansion activities. 

Each year the city allocates $50,000 over three years for the Main Street Loan program. They funding comes from TIF dollars. 

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