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Mitchell County Property Transfers

Mitchell County Property Transfers


September 2019

W.Deed Richard & Sharon Martin to Gerald & Louella Martin, parcel 1150’ x 770’ in SE1/4 26-99-16.

W.Deed Jaime R. Morse to Korey D. & Christian L. Kleinow, Lot 2 Blk 124, Osage.

W.Deed Cornelio Cibrian Gomez & Jose Alberto Pelayo Cibrian to City of Osage, Lots 2 & 3 Blk 151, Osage.

W.Deed Robert K. & Jeannine M. Peterson to Kelly D. & Rose A. Minnis, Parcel “A”, 0.76A. in SE1/4 NE1/4 23-99-18.

W.Deed Chaley J. & Kayley S. Schulz to Joseph M. & Lorrinda L. Kisley, Lot 2 & S20’ Lot 1 Season’s Third Addn, St. Ansgar.

W.Deed Michael J. Lee to Cloyd Z. & Bernice M. Nolt, Lot 12 Blk 59, Osage.

W.Deed Mark J. Haganman to Joseph & Tallia M. Church, Lots 3-8 & Lots 13 & 14 & W1/2 Lot 15 Blk 5 & Lot 6 Blk 8, McIntire.

W.Deed Curvin M. & Nancy R. Zimmerman to William Scott & Sandy Kay Sullivan, N20’ S61’2” Lots 15 & 16 Blk 8, Riceville.

W.Deed Christopher E. Kyhl & Kali J. Hunziger to Barbara J. Baer, S68’ Lot 7 & 8 Blk 208, Osage.

W.Deed Joseph M. & Lorrinda Kisley to Kyle C. Christie, Lot 12 Blk 205, Osage.

W.Deed Christopher G.Adams to Blake Adams, W1/2 Lots 2 & 3 Blk 14, Stacyville, exc S12’ W1/2 Lot 3.

W.Deed Dawn Shaw to Robert Carter, Lot 1 exc E69’ Blk 1, Orchard.

W.Deed Edward W. & Rosella M. Jackson to L.R. Builders, Inc., Lot 6 Maple View Subd, Osage.

CODeed Marilyn J. Carroll Est. to Christopher E. Kyhl & Kali M. Hunziker , Lot 11 Blk 188, Osage.

W.Deed Basic Building Supplies Inc. to Brad R. & Courtney J. Mayer, Lots 1-3 & N18’ Lot 4 Blk 4 Sedlacek & Gilbertson Addn, St. Ansgar.

W.Deed James Montel & Kay Hernan to Clint C. Huftalin, Parcel “A’, 4.50A. in NW1/4 SW1/4 35-99-18.

W.Deed Anna M. Wilder to Clinton D. Eastman, 2.60A. in SE1/4 15-100-15.

CODeed Mary V. Scheer Est. to Gary Shrader & Tyler Bluhm, N1/2 Lots 7 & 8 Blk 187, Osage.

W.Deed Gale L. Koschmeder to Lohuis Construction, Inc., Lot 7 & W1/2 Lot 6 Blk 9 Dunton’s Addn, Riceville.

CODeed Benjamin C. Bauman Est. to Daniel E. & Annette M. Uker, E44’ Lot 10 Blk 101, Osage.

W.Deed Jennifer D. Freeman & Steven C. Dee to JAMM Investments LLC, Lot 7 Blk 151, Osage.

W.Deed Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to Mitchell County Conservation Board, N1/2 SW1/4 28-98-17.

W.Deed Powerhouse, LLC to L.R. Builders, Inc., Lot 5 exc N12’ & Lot 6 Blk 63 Maple Lane Development, Osage.

W.Deed Wendy K. Jensen to Malcolm R. & Tera L. Schenker, Parcel “A’, 3.09A. in SE1/4 11-97-16.

W.Deed Victoria Ricketts to Allan F. & Daylene M. Stelpflug, Lots 4,7,8,9,10 & E1/2 Lot 6 Blk 21 Western Addn, Mitchell.

Sheriff’s Deed Jacob J. & Angela N. Bierbrodt to Corn Belt Quality Products Co., Inc., Lot 12 Blk 114 & alley, Osage.

W.Deed Nathan F. & Ellisa J. Muhs to Dayne Smolik, Lots 8 & 9 Blk 51, Osage.

W.Deed Charles Thomas Morse & Tonya DeVries Morse to Nicholas M. & Jessica L. Hemann, Lot 8 Blk 233, Osage.

W.Deed Frances L. Johnson to Nancy S. Steiert, Lot 3 Blk 46 Maple Lane Development, Osage.

W.Deed Kali J. Hunziger & Christopher E. Kyhl to Andrew N. Davis, Lot 1 Blk 82, Osage.

CODeed Marvel I. Mayer Est. to Larry Dean Moore, S76’ Lot 9 & W18.5’S76” Lot 10 Blk 15, Riceville.

CODeed Wilford L. Ring Est. to Troy L. Watts & Nicole Audesmore-Watts, Lot 7 Blk 6 & alley Crum’s Addn, Riceville.

W.Deed Larry & Cynthia Kofoot to Summit Ag Fund III, LLP, 2.3A. in NE1/4 5-98-17.

W.Deed Kofoot Family Farm LLC to Summit Ag Fund III, LLP, NW1/4 5-98-17 exc RR.

W.Deed Wood & Sons, Inc. to Dennis L. & Bunita M. Sponheim, W1/2 SE1/4 10-98-18 exc parcel.

W.Deed Wood & Sons, Inc. to Andrew G. & Kathy M. Sponheim, SE1/4 SE1/4 10-98-18 exc parcel.

W.Deed Wood & Sons, Inc. to Shawn L. & Amanda M. Sponheim, NE1/4 SE1/4 10-98-18.

W.Deed Powerhouse, LLC to Susan Hughes, Lot 3 Blk 50, Osage.

W.Deed Rivers, LLC to Jose Alberto Pelayo Cibrian & Anna E. Parra Chavarin, Parcel “F”, 2.63A. in SW1/4 NW1/4 35-98-17.


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