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Matt Olson reffing a game

Matt Olson, a junior at Osage High School, works as as referee at a middle school basketball game.

OSAGE | Referees get a lot of hate.

People think they’re either always playing sides or making the wrong calls all the time. In reality, referees keep the game clean and make sure the game flows. It may seems easy, but it isn’t.

A junior at Osage High School decided to try the job.

Matt Olson has been playing basketball since fourth grade, but after tearing his ACL in football Olson said he felt it wasn’t worth the risk of reinjuring himself in basketball.

Knowing Olson was experienced in the game, Jay Marley, Osage Middle School Athletic Director, asked Olson if he would referee due to the lack of referees in the surrounding area.

Olson has been refereeing middle school basketball games for a few months. So far, he’s been enjoying it. ”I love going out and helping the middle schoolers better their game,” Olson said. When asked what the best part of refereeing has been, Olson said it was throwing the tip-off ball for the first time.

Coaches, parents, and players can, occasionally, be very good at stressing out referees. When it comes to the stress factor, Olson said he’s never felt any more stress than you’d expect.

Olson said he hopes to get his referee certification this summer as he is only allowed to referee with another certified referee at the moment. He also plans to continue refereeing.

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