Ever wonder what happened to the log building on the east end of Osage?

It is now a premiere building on the property of Good Earth Village Bible Camp and Year-Round Retreat Center in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

The building is now called Log Lodge and formerly sat on the west side of the current Osage Motel & Lounge property.

At that time, the motel was owned and built by Osage resident Olaf Staff and called the Staff Motel.

Olaf built the log building from utility poles and was intended to be a restaurant to serve customers staying at the motel. 

In the years after his death, in 1995, the building was sold to Good Earth Village. The building had a Lincoln log-like experience when it was taken apart and reassembled, with an addition added.

The building is now a hotel-style facility, with individual bathrooms, 3-4 beds per room, a Log Great Room, which is Olaf’s building, with the addition of a double-sided fireplace, kitchenette and deck with a breath-taking view of 500-plus acres of SEMN Bluffland (making it one of the nation's largest camps) and guest space for up to 100. The facility is rented year-round for retreats, family reunions, and weddings.

The building will be in use for Good Earth Village’s big old party called GoodStock (play on WoodStock's 50th year anniversary the same weekend).

It’s a FREE multi-generational public 50th anniversary celebration being held from Friday, Aug. 16 - Sunday, Aug. 18, with a national and regional performers.

It is a great opportunity to check out Log Lodge, especially if you still have that remnant curiosity when bombing Main years ago wondering what the inside of that log building looked like

If you can't make GoodStock, it's worth a road trip to check out the building and property as you don’t have to be a camper to visit Good Earth Village. Take a guided or self-guided tour of the facilities and trails on foot or with a staff member in an all-terrain vehicle.

Contact the office for details at 507-346-2494.

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