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OSAGE | Nick Wenger, a sixteen year old junior at Osage High School, started watching professional wrestling, like WWE, when he was around six or seven. Wenger faded out from it after a short while but when he hit twelve, Wenger got back into. He started to read up on wrestlers’ Wikipedia pages and started to watch videos of wrestling online.

Wenger has gone to two WWE events. The first was an untelevised event in Cedar Rapids when he was 13. The second one was in May of 2016, which was a live episode of SmackDown, one of their weekly shows. Wenger said he enjoyed this experience because a few days later it was on TV and he could see himself. Wenger used to watch every show, but as per the expectations of life and growing up, he isn’t able to watch it nearly as much anymore, but he still watches what he can.

Wenger’s response as to why he decided he wanted to do this was truly admiring. “When I started watching it again I would ty to fight off the people that called it fake,” he said, “and instead of getting down, I decided to just research it and find out how it works and why people say its fake.

“This got me into a lot of documentaries of wrestlers, and I realized these guys were real people. They were just normal guys, like me, who had a dream, and I realized it was something I could learn to do and could make a career out of it.”

Wenger is trying to start training currently. He is talking to people about it, and they are unsure about starting him because he is only sixteen and more people wait until they are eighteen. If they let him train, Wenger would be the youngest pro-wrestler in Iowa. He wants to wrestle locally in high school and college. Maybe go out a little farther for booking events in the summer. And after schooling, he wants to start traveling and wrestling abroad. Every wrestler needs a persona, and Wenger has already created his. “My persona I have created is Jimmy Wylde. I will have longer hair, and I’ll wear black tights and black boots. In the design of the character, I’m taking a lot of inspiration from a lot of heavy metal and punk bands.”

Lastly, I asked him if he wanted to stay in the independent circuits for the whole time, or eventually try to make it to WWE. “I just want to work on making a name for myself,” he said. “It’s hard to say if I’ll go to the WWE someday because there are so many wrestlers out there whose dream is to be a WWE superstar, but they never make it.

“My goal is to be able wrestle as a job. Wherever that takes me whether it’s WWE or Japan or just staying on the indies and selling a lot of merchandise, I don’t care. I just don’t want to have to work some boring job I hate. I want to wrestle and support my future family.”

Wenger went onto say, “Eventually I would like to go to WWE because that’s the biggest stage to show my craft, but wrestling is in another boom period and is on the rise again, so I really just want to make wrestling cool again without being choked by the corporate grip that WWE has.”


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