ST. ANSGAR | At the Monday, Nov. 13 meeting of the St. Ansgar City Hall, members of the city council heard the anger of several of the town’s residents.

Several questions were raised by citizens regarding several incidents, which had occurred in the city over the past few months.

The first topic was regarding the sod for the yards torn up during recent digging. In addition, when the sod would be delivered and when would property owners’ yards be completed.

“I made a comment to the project contractor about that,” said St. Ansgar Mayor David Tollefson. “And he told him that it wouldn’t have happened, if he came two months ago when he said he was supposed to.”

Additional complaints were made about standing water in yards, because of water lines ran uphill. Some residents questioned how much time was left in the project, started by Tile Pro almost three years ago. Others were expressed concern about the asphalt portions of the project that had not been completed, along sidewalks that had not been replaced.

“It’s pretty close,” Bill Trygstad said. “But I can’t get a date yet.”

City councilman Michael Esdohr said, “Well. I had one; it was last year.”

Tollefson also pointed out more cement would need to be poured on the corners where sidewalks were torn out.

An issue of standing water on private property, caused by the drainage of ditches, on Pleasant Street was also raised, with questions being raised about the ditch system and recent changes that have been made to the system

“Ditches haven’t been maintained,” said councilwoman Myrna Jorgensen.

Trygstad asked the council what they would like to see done about the standing water and how they wanted him to proceed with fixing the problem, when it is difficult getting access to private property.

“Talk to the property owners,” Tollefson said. “And see what can be done about cleaning out the ditches there and shooting it to get the grade it is on, to determine what is causing the problem.”

Concern regarding the steepness of the ditches on Pleasant Street, between First and Second streets, was also raised. The steepness, due to some tall Evergreen trees in the boulevard, is making the ditches more difficult to maintain.

A question of whether to put a culvert in the ditch was raised, with the primary concern being the ditches are straight up and down on the sides, making it impossible to get a riding mower into them or even a push mower. The residents there would have to use a weed wacker, in order to keep the ditches maintained. While no decision was made in regards to the culvert, council members plan to look at the ditches in question in order to make a more informed decision.

In addition, Shawn Niemoth spoke before the council about the issues of sewer backup she has experienced since the new lines were installed.

“Someone needs to make me whole,” Niemoth said. “The sewer line has backed up nine times, including the day I had 75 people in and out of my house for the memorial for my husband Fritz. I feel I should be compensated for having to clean it up. I was told they would take of it, if it backed up into the house, which it has.

“Tile Pro put in a new sewer line, and they did not put it in level. They dug it up and did it again, and that time they broke something off in the line and left it there. Everyone knew it broke off, I was adamant that it be removed, and it wasn’t until last week.”

“Who breaks off their equipment and doesn’t retrieve it?” Esdohr said.

The council asked Niemoth to bring in the denials of her insurance claims and the cost she was out so council could determine the damages and expenses that she is out.