OSAGE | Kali Hunziker is in her second year of living in Osage. Last year, she taught fifth grade at Osage Middle School. This year, she took the position as a full-time, first grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary in Osage.

When asked about the best part of her school day, she said, “When you see a student ‘get it,’ or accomplish something they have been working hard on. Being in first grade, I also love listening students to read. It is like music to my ears.”

When asked what brought her to the teaching profession, Hunziker said, “I want to make a difference, even if it's just one student. I want the underdog to succeed.”

Hunziker said she has had lots of positive impacts in her life from moving to Osage and being a teacher at Lincoln Elementary. Here are some of the positives: “The staff at Lincoln is amazing. I also have an amazing mentor. Everyone is so supportive and always so willing to help out. I also love the community.”

When asked about her teaching philosophy, Hunziker said, “I'm here to see students succeed, and to meet their academic needs. I am also a firm believer that not all students learn the same or at the same rate.”