OSAGE | Fluttering in the cold breeze, outside the First United Methodist Church, located at 819 Main St. in Osage, is a collection of winter scarfs, gloves and hats attached to small tree.

Julie Schubert, who pastors the church, said her congregation’s project is called the Community Sharing Tree and the project will continue throughout the winter season.

“The idea came from a trip Terri Tesch and I took to Decorah. We were walking downtown in Decorah and we saw trees filled with scarfs and gloves in a little park,” Schubert said. “There was a little tag on each item that read, ‘if you need something, take it, if you can help, leave something.’ It was an open invitation to either take or leave something. That’s what we’ve done with our tree, as well.

“We needed something like this is Osage. There are no costs or requirements for taking an item. We are just doing what Christ called us to do; to take care of one another.”

A bucket of clothespins are located beneath the tree so items can be attached. “If anyone wants to help us out, we are open to donations,” Schubert said.