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Kate Mostek & Chloe Krebsbach

Kate Mostek and Chloe Krebsbach are wrestling for the Osage Green Devils wrestling team. They are involved with starting a girl's wrestling team.

OSAGE | Within the past few years, the number of girls wrestling has rapidly grown across the country. Many high schools have adopted the idea of having a girls wrestling team.

Osage, being the wrestling community it is, has decided to adopt a girls’ team as well.

Osages’ wrestlers Kate Mostek and Chloe Krebsbach decided to start up Osage’s team this year. Krebsbach has wrestled three-and-a-half-years and Mostek a year-and-a-half.

When asked why they started the wrestling team, Mostek said, “There were a lot of girls who wanted to wrestle, but the ones who were good didn’t have much success on a guys’ team.”

The girls practice twice a week and have an average of seven girls who show up but have over ten girls on the roster. Most of their tournaments will be spread throughout December on Saturdays.

“Technically, all the girls are rostered on the boys’ teams, but we just don’t wrestle with them. If there were a case that a school had a girl at one of our girls’ weights, we’d bring them to wrestle. Chloe and I are the only ones rostered for the boys’ team and wrestle with the boys as well.”

The girls have their own singlets this year as well. They are the same as the boys’ varsity singlets, but they have a higher cut than the boys’. Although a team and rostered for the boys’, the girls team is only considered a club for Osage. The club will convert to a sanction team once they get sanctioned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association.

Becoming sanctioned is not necessarily something that can happen overnight, however. “They do not have a process quite yet because the association has not had to sanction a sport recently. They are working on the process right now, but the requests have to come from schools. 10 -15 percent of the schools have to request the sanctioning of the team,” said Osage Athletic Director, Mr. Henson.

Therefore, it seems possible the sport of wrestling for female athletes will remain a club yet this year.

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