The Chisholm brothers

Joe "Smoke" Chisholm and James "Jim" Chisholm will be competing against each other this year at Deer Creek Speedway.

OSAGE | Many brothers find a bond between sports, video games or having Nerf wars, but for a brother duo, these two share a bond through racing.

Jim and Joe Chisholm, brothers from Osage, race B-Mod cars at Deer Creek Speedway. This year, for the first time, the duo will take the track together in the B-Mod class as opponents.

James “Jim” Chisholm, 16, sophomore at Osage High School, has been racing for ten years. Other than racing, Jim participates in basketball. Joe “Smoke” Chisolm, 12, sixth grade at Osage Middle School, has been racing for seven years. Joe participates in wrestling and football.

The duo started racing because of their uncle Mark Chisholm. “He won a drawing that allowed him to drive a Slingshot. He liked it so much he wanted one of us to drive it. I was the lucky one selected to drive it,” Jim said.

After Jim started, Joe followed right behind.

“We spend around 30-40 hours a week on racing,” Jim said. “All the time after school involves racing and sometimes in the mornings,” Joe added. Outside of racing, the two help on their family farm together, while still competing against each other.

“We will race four-wheelers and race on the PS4,” Joe said. “We’re pretty competitive with each other. When we race on the PS4 together, I like to race hard against him—especially when it come to the last final laps—we can get really competitive. Sometimes it's bumping and banging on each other and sometime it's nice and clean,” Joe added. “I think he will do well this year. We are very competitive and we always want to be better than each other,” Jim said.

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“There are a few people around my age racing against me, but the majority are 20-30 years old and a few are 35-40,” Jim said. “My brother is going to be the youngest. There are a few of them coming out of slingshot this year,

“I’m going to enjoy being able to compete with him, but I won't enjoy if he wrecks me.”

“I think Jim will be good competition for me because I'll be able to learn from him,” Joe said. “Just being able to race against him since he's already won in the B-Mod class, even if I don't beat him the first couple of times, will be somethig I’ll be able to learn from. It will be a great experience.

“I won't be winning as much as I did in the Slingshot. It's going to be a whole new thing and I’m going to have to start from the beginning again.”

The duo are very successful when it comes to racing. Jim has won the track championship at Deer Creek in 2018, seventh in National Points and Rookie of the Year in 2016. He has seven wins in the B-Mod, 59 in Slingshot and seven track championships in Slingshot. Joe has won eight championships including the All-Star, seven Deer Creek track championships, Mississippi Champion and Driver Award at Deer Creek.

Racing has taught both brothers patience. The effort it takes to do something well and control. The Chisholms’ biggest supporters are their parents, their uncle Mark and aunt Deana, their siblings, their family members, their friends and of course, their racing sponsors.

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