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Kaylee Klaes

Kaylee Klaes gives two thumbs up on how much she enjoyed trip to Peru.

“My favorite part about the Peru trip was Machu Picchu, which we visited on one of our last days,” senior Kaylee Klaes said. “It was really cool because it has always been something I’ve heard of and seen pictures of, so to see it in person was awesome,”

This summer a group of twenty-three students and chaperones took a trip to Peru as an opportunity for Spanish class.

Klaes went on the trip with her classmates. Her parents were also able to go with as chaperones. High school Spanish teacher, Patti Miller, was primarily in charge of the trip.

“The trip was eight days. We left on July 11 and returned on July 19,” Klaes said. “We did a lot of flying but also walking around to see different sites,”

The group traveled to Lima, the capital of Peru, then to Cusco.

When asked if there were language barriers, Klaes said the group had a tour guide who translated things for them, so for the most part there wasn’t a barrier. “I kind of expected the language barrier to be worse than it was,” she said.

The group was able to try new food while they were in Peru. Klaes’s favorite happened to be alpaca.

Although the trip was a once in a lifetime experience, it was also a chance to learn new concepts.

The group was able to learn more about their culture and the Inca. Klaes was most excited to see Machu Picchu and the salt mines. The sites she saw blew her expectations out of the water.

“I would go back in a heartbeat if I could,” Klaes said. “The landscape was the coolest thing, and it was awesome to see a different way of life.”

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