A 1-on-1 math lesson

A 1-on-1 math lesson

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Everyone knows sitting in the classroom can get a little boring.

That's why Mr. Matt Gast made math class a little more fun for his students. Matt Gast is an Osage alumni and teaches sixth grade math and science. Gast put together a fun 1-on-1 basketball game for his students with a working scoreboard and officiated by certified referee and high school senior, Matt Olson.

This event had vendors and even the national anthem was sung by senior Zach Duren. The players for the game were sixth-grader Quinn Street and seventh-grader Madden Uhlenhopp.

1-on-1 math lesson

Quinn Street, Madden Uhlenhopp, and Matt Olson pause during halftime.

Just like every sporting event, every student had to pay for a ticket. This is where the math lesson comes into play. Gast created his own currency called “G's." With these “G’s” students were able to buy a ticket, free throw shot, and goods from the vendors. Students are able to earn these “G’s” by selling goods, having a classroom job, doing their assignments, or in their other sixth grade classes.

The sixth graders are working on percentages, so Gast found a way to make it fun and use his currency.

“I believe that the way kids learn best is through experience, and we need to actually do something instead of only sitting in a classroom,” said Gast.

Putting this event together wasn't easy, but picking the players was pretty easy.

“I’ve heard a lot of people talk about Quinn play, that he's a really good basketball player and same with Madden,” said Gast.

Students decided if they wanted to be a vendor or spender. Popcorn, mini donuts, snowcones, and more was sold at this event.

“We talked about a promoter and how they may put on the event, but some money has to go into different places,” said Gast. Gast kept 100% from tickets and 15% of each vendor profit of “G’s” to pay for the use of the gym, official, players, scoreboard and national anthem.

During the game students cheered on their classmate and enjoyed purchased goods from all of the vendors. In the end, it was a close game, too.

This will not be the only event: Gast’s fellow sixth-grade teachers are creating events of their own. The middle school is wanting to put on additional events like this, but with other grades and the use of their pride tickets for an additional lesson currency exchange.

Gast would like to add, “I’d like to thank everyone who helped out because if you don't have help, it’s not going to run very well.”


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