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Tony Wynohrad


OSAGE | In the halls of Osage High School, you may think you know just about everyone. But this year, there are a few new faces. One of which is Tony Wynohrad.

Wynohrad comes to Osage as a part-time business teacher, working towards his internship license. He also is a member of the Iowa Big North staff, where he provides students with resources and insight into the business world.

But don’t get it wrong, he isn’t your everyday teacher. He grew up in Minneapolis, but later was brought to the quaint town of Osage by his wife Laura, a long time resident. Tony and Laura have two girls together, Zoe and Anna, both in the Osage School District.

During his time in Minneapolis, Wynohrad became the research and development manager for a company called Gamma Vacuum, a position that led him to travel all over the world, but still allowed him to live in Osage, raising a family.

Wynohrad comes to Osage with several endorsements and degrees in the business field, but more importantly, real-world experience.

“My current job, which I am still full time in, requires that I travel a lot, so my plan is to back off of the traveling to stay closer to home. And teaching is a way to do that, while sharing what I’ve learned,” Wynohrad said.

In his time here in Osage, he notes that there is a feeling of family, in students and staff alike, which has made it a positive environment.

Being a teacher has allowed Wynohrad to be a bigger part of the community, in addition to his involvement in the Osage Fire Department.

When asked what he hopes students can learn from him, he responds “21st century skills - how to take what you’ve learned in a lot of the core areas, and apply them to real life. The funny thing about business is, there’s usually not a right and a wrong, there’s just better and worse.”

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