On Saturday, July 13, the summer swim team season came to an end when the Forest City swim team hosted the AHEELA Conference Championships at the Forest City Family Aquatic Center in Forest City.

A total of 11 teams comprised of over 400 swimmers participated in the day-long event.

The Forest City team finished 2nd overall for their highest finish in nine years, with team members earning 18 - 1st place medals, 16 - 2nd place medals and 5 - 3rd places in addition to setting 6 conference records.

Randy Vaughan, in his last year as a member of the summer swim team, had a hand in five of the records. He recorded victories in the 15-18 division in the 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard freestyle and 100 individual medley. He also swam on the record setting men’s 15-18 200 medley and 200-free relays.

Ryan Korthals set the other record in the 15-18 50 breaststroke as well as earning five, first-place finishes. He won the 15-18 50 backstroke, 15-18 50 butterfly and swam on both record-setting relays along with Vaughan, Tyler Clouse and Matthew Tweeten.

A total of 72 season best performances were also recorded by the Forest City swimmers.

Swimmers picked up points for the team if they finished in the top 12 of their event.

Team scores were Algona, 2,014.5, Forest City, 1,049.5, Cherokee, 1003, Storm Lake, 850.5, Eagle Grove, 714, Rockwell City, 591, Laurens, 495, Manson, 468.5, Webster City, 329, Humboldt, 261 and Emmetsburg, 248.

The following were place winners for Forest City: (* indicates a season best time)

8 and Under Girls

50 Free - 3rd Navaeh Mikes and 9th Erica Doroteo*, Participant - Adah Sharp

100 Medley Relay - 1st Adah Sharp, Navaeh Mikes, Samantha Clouse, Brinley Blaser*

25 Back - 2nd Adah Sharp, 7th Brinley Blaser, 11th Erica Doroteo*, Participants - Eva Sharp and Nevaeh Eastvold*

25 Fly - 2nd Samantha Clouse*

25 Breast - 1st Samantha Clouse, 2nd Navaeh Mikes*, 4th Brinley Blaser* and Participant – Eva Sharp*

25 Free - 2nd Samantha Clouse*, 5th Brinley Blaser*, 7th Adah Sharp* and Participant – Addison Korth*

100 Free Relay - 1st Samantha Clouse, Adah Sharp, Brinley Blaser, Navaeh Mikes* and 4th Eva Sharp, Brooklyn Sorenson, Navaeh Eastvold, Erica Doroteo*

100 Mixed Relay - 2nd Mason Dehrkoop, Addison Korth, Isaac Wilson, Brooklyn Sorenson*

8 and Under Boys

50 Free - 3rd Mason Dehrkoop*

25 Back - 1st Mason Dehrkoop*

25 Fly - 1st Isaac Wilson*

25 Breast - 1st Mason Dehrkoop

25 Free - 1st Isaac Wilson*

100 Individual Medley - 2nd Isaac Wilson*

9-10 Girls

100 Medley Relay - 7th Muren Sharp, Carrigan Sletten, Carmen Sharp, Erica Doroteo

25 Back - 10th Muren Sharp and Participants – Carrigan Sletten*, Jessa Leerar*

25 Fly - 11th Carmen Sharp

50 Free - 7th Carmen Sharp*, 10th Carrigan Sletten* and Participant - Jessa Leerar

25 Breast - Participant – Muren Sharp*

25 Free - Participants – Muren Sharp*, Carrigan Sletten, Jessa Leerar

100 Individual Medley - 8th Carmen Sharp*

100 Free Relay - 9th Eva Sharp, Muren Sharp, Jessa Leerar, Carmen Sharp

9-10 Boys

100 Free - 1st Holden Reynolds and 4th Tavion Mikes*

25 Fly - 3rd Holden Reynolds*

50 Free - 3rd Tavion Mikes*

25 Breast - 1st Holden Reynolds

25 Free - 2nd Tavion Mikes*

11-12 Girls

100 Free - 7th Michaela Dehrkoop, 8th Cadence Sletten*, 12th Lindsey Clouse

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200 Medley Relay - 4th Cadence Sletten, Lindsey Clouse, Michaela Dehrkoop, Hayden Brown*

50 Breast - 10th Cadence Sletten*, 11th Michaela Dehrkoop and Participants – Lindsey Clouse*, Hayden Brown*

50 Free - 7th Cadence Sletten and Participants – Lindsey Clouse, Hayden Brown

100 Individual Medley - 7th Michaela Dehrkoop

200 Free Relay - 4th Cadence Sletten, Hayden Brown, Lindsey Clouse, Michaela Dehrkoop*

11-12 Boys

100 Free - 2nd Peter Wilson, 6th Dawson Sharp* and 9th Isaiah Mikes*

200 Medley Relay - 2nd Dawson Sharp, Isaiah Mikes, Peter Wilson, Holden Reynolds*

50 Back - 8th Dawson Sharp

50 Fly - 4th Peter Wilson*

50 Breast - 2nd Isaiah Mikes

50 Free - 4th Dawson Sharp* and 9th Isaiah Mikes

100 Individual Medley - 4th Peter Wilson*

200 Free Relay - 1st Tavion Mikes, Dawson Sharp, Holden Reynolds, Peter Wilson*

13-14 Girls

100 Free - 2nd Skylar Steffensen*, 5th Kacie Suby* and 11th Jaydee Plagge*

50 Back - 4th Kacie Suby*

50 Breast - 2nd Skylar Steffensen* and 9th Jaydee Plagge*

50 Free - 2nd Skylar Steffensen*, 4th Kacie Suby* and 10th Jaydee Plagge

13-14 Boys

100 Free - 9th Hayden Reynolds*

50 Back - 4th Parker Sharp*

50 Breast - 6th Hayden Reynolds and 8th Parker Sharp*

50 Free - 10th Parker Sharp*

100 Individual Medley - 6th Hayden Reynolds*

15-18 Girls

200 Medley Relay - 6th Kacie Suby, Skylar Steffensen, Jaydee Plagge, Audrey Bennett*

50 Back - 4th Audrey Bennett

50 Free - Participant – Audrey Bennett

200 Free Relay - 4th Kacie Suby, Jaydee Plagge, Audrey Bennett, Skylar Steffensen

15-18 Boys

100 Free - 1st Randy Vaughan* (49.87 Conference Record), 2nd Matthew Tweeten* and 3rd Tyler Clouse*

200 Medley Relay - 1st Randy Vaughan, Ryan Korthals, Matthew Tweeten, Tyler Clouse* (1:50.85 Conference Record)

50 Back - 1st Ryan Korthals*

50 Fly - 1st Ryan Korthals*, 2nd Tyler Clouse* and 4th Matthew Tweeten*

200 Free - 1st Randy Vaughan* (1:50.88 Conference Record)

50 Breast - 1st Ryan Korthals* (29.00 Conference Record)

50 Free - 1st Tyler Clouse*

100 Individual Medley - 1st Randy Vaughan* (58.61 Conference Record) and 2nd Matthew Tweeten*

200 Free Relay - 1st Randy Vaughan, Tyler Clouse, Matthew Tweeten, Ryan Korthals* (1:36.62 Conference Record)

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