FCHS Vball Seniors

The Forest City High School volleyball team seniors are, from left, Erin Caylor, Melissa Wilson, Emma Hovenga, Kallista Larson and Jessa Loges. Caylor and Hovenga said they think their team will be conference champions again this year.

The Forest City High School varsity volleyball team has started its 2019 season and seniors Emma Hovenga and Erin Caylor said they hope to be conference champions again this year.

Caylor, who plays defense specialist, and Hovenga, who plays setter, said they started playing in fourth grade and have kept at it through high school because they enjoy being on a team sport with the same girls.

“This is a good team sport for me, I think,” Caylor said.

“We’ve been playing together for so long; it’s fun playing with the same girls over and over again,” Hovenga said.

Since last year, the FCHS volleyball team was conference champions, Hovenga said they hope to do the same this year and possibly qualify for the state tournament, but they will meet their match in Lake Mills High School.

“We hadn’t been conference champs in a while and Lake Mills always wins, so it was great to beat them last year, and it’d be great to beat them again,” she said.

To get to this goal, Caylor said the team needs to focus on getting more touches on the ball and never give up on a play.

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“And just playing well as a team,” she said. “Like, if one player isn’t playing good that night, we’ll find a way to work around it, get them going and stuff like that.”

Additionally, communication will be a big thing for the team for this year at least, Caylor said.

“We need to talk a lot more and that will benefit us in the long run,” she said.

The team has also lost a few seniors. who were beneficial to the team, and it will have a hard time trying to fill their shoes, but Hovenga and Caylor said they believe they can do it.

“It’s going to be hard to replace their shoes, but we obviously are working on it and are getting better,” Hovenga said.

The final challenge will be the team members height, according to Caylor.

“We’re not like the tallest startups, like, in our conference, so just working around that and being the best every day that we can be,” she said.

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