The Forest City High School cross country team is prepared for the season, and seniors Anna Lehmann, Lyndee Jones and Calvin Aberg said the hardest part of the season will be keeping positive throughout the whole thing rather than just at the beginning.

Lehmann, who’s aiming for a time around 21:00, said she just wants to have fun and hang out with “these awesome people” on the team since it’s her last year.

Jones, on the other hand, said she wants to try to go for conference this year, and Aberg agreed.

“I think both teams have a shot at winning conference, and individually I think [the goal is to] keep getting better, and [getting new personal records],” Aberg said.

Another goal is for everyone on the team to keep thinking positive throughout the season, Jones said.

“And probably still keeping the family feeling from last year, too,” Lehmann added.

Jones said the best part of the cross country team for her is how well everyone gets along and works together for the common goal, and Abert said everybody was supportive of each other, giving out high-fives and encouraging each other.

“We just have this really fun environment where everybody gets along, and it’s just awesome to be around everybody,” she said.

Lehmann said they give out a lot of high-fives: one for the race, one at for ending the workout and one at the very end.

This year, the team has a new coach, Kamille Goepel, and Lehmann said the biggest challenge for the year will be getting used to having a new coach.

“From my experience with track, she’s an amazing coach, but it’s a different form that we just have to get used to,” Lehmann said.

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