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According to Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” We know this to be true.

We taught in the Forest City School District for a combined total of 72 years. We know that investing in education pays long term dividends to our community and state. It’s essential for public schools to have enough funds to adequately serve our students.

Debra Jensen, candidate for House District 7, is dedicated to restoring sufficient funding to Iowa’s public schools.

We’ve witnessed severe funding cuts to public education by state legislators. In 2018, Iowa’s education budget was increased by only 1 percent.

Our current representative, Tedd Gassman, voted for the lowest increase in K-12 school funding in six years (SF 166, H.J. 233 on 2-6-17). Insufficient funding has forced school districts to make difficult decisions such as increasing the number of students per classroom because there’s no money for the necessary number of teachers. Larger classes have a huge impact on learners.

Through our experience, we know that having more children in a classroom stretches a teacher’s ability to meet the needs of each child adequately. For teachers, it’s a heartbreaking situation.

We need someone like Debra Jensen to support the educational values of north Iowa. Debra says, “Starving public schools through inadequate funding is not the Iowa way.” Invest in the education of our young citizens by voting for Debra Jensen in November.

Joe and Claudia Tillman

Forest City, IA 50436

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Regional Editor

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