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“Gerrrronimoooooo!” I yell, leaping off the ledge!!

Butterflies…You know that feeling when the brain in your stomach is not expecting “down”? It’s 1969. I’m 5 years old and just launched myself from the garage roof. “That was AWESOME!” I announce a loud to no one in particular.

Suddenly, I hear the familiar sound of the back screen door to our little rambler fly open. The swift twanging noise of the door’s spring indicates the unusual speed at which it’s opening. Then comes a thump, as the wide open door rests against the house. Mom’s normally quiet and gentle voice transforms into firm commanding tones, “Douglas Earl Snyder, You come here, right now!” Whoa - my full name. “Yes, ma’am!?”

Like any normal kid, I was active, adventurous, and imaginative. I was also curious, confident, and a cliff dweller - loving to walk the ledges and edges of boundaries, and apparently, the edge of mom’s patience.

It’s one thing to go up to an edge or ledge, such as, when I chose to jump off the roof. It is entirely different when the ledge or edge comes for you.

When Christmas comes, it can go either way. Break from routines, traditions, treats, guests, and gift shopping. For some, this is the edge of excitement. For others, it’s the ledge of anxiety.

Which is it for you - edge or ledge? Maybe both scenarios describe the conflict of Christmas.

Be encouraged. God understands. God so loved…He sent His son, not to condemn, but, to save. (John 3:16-17)

For edge people, in the gift of a vulnerable and dependent infant, given to us, we understand God’s desire for us to be dependent and vulnerable with Him. For ledge people, as the young parents lovingly nurtured Jesus to fulfill his identity and purpose, our heavenly Father’s love is intended nurture us to fulfill ours.

I’m often asked by others for help connecting or reconnecting with God. Why? Because it is easy to miss the heart of God. The edges and ledges of life can lead us away. And, because many misunderstand the way God speaks. For example, His son, sent to save, is gift wrapped as an infant. The arc of the Christmas story not only teaches us the Father heart of God, it shows us how to live well, in harmony with Him.

Dependent. Vulnerable. Love. Nurture. Gifts worth giving and receiving.

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