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I’ll never forget my first Christmas Eve at Hope… Dec. 24, 1999.

We had a storage closet off the altar area that had an exposed ceiling. Our senior pastor thought that would be a GREAT place for the Angel to appear to share the Good News with Mary. And why wouldn’t the Angel appear surrounded by a dry ice fog for effect?

My job was to sit inside the closet all day and feed dry ice into a huge barrel heated by a hot water heater element with conduit directing the fog up through a hole we had cut into the roof of the closet.

People were talking about that for weeks to come. More importantly though, for many that came to Hope for the first time, their faith came alive.

There are many great churches in the Forest City area, each of them bringing that same message of Good News of Great Joy that Jesus was born for us.

Be praying now about who you might invite to come with you to Christmas Eve at your church.

You never know… that might be the catalyst to a renewed connection to the greatest story ever told.

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