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As always, they were well-run and well-attended fair.

I don’t believe anyone attending this year was disappointed with what the fairs had to offer.

Each year, the fair boards works very hard to add new events and attractions, making fairgoers wonder what to expect the next year.

I can’t imagine the amount of hours it takes in preparation for the fairs, let alone the actual amount of time involved to make them run smoothly — all being done with volunteers.

The next time you see a fair board member for either fair, thank them for another job well done. “Hats off” to the members of the County Fair Boards.


What was your favorite part of the fairs?

I cover many different areas of the fair and I would have to say any event involving the youth in the county is exciting.

It is great to see them rewarded for their hard work and dedication to whatever area they were showing — from rabbits and pigs to projects in the 4-H building. 

In addition to the hard work of the youth participating, there is the hard work of their parents.

Being the parents of a 4-H’er gives you an inside look as to what it takes to have a successful and rewarding experience at the fair.

I would encourage all parents to get their children involved in 4-H. It will truly be a rewarding experience for your child.

I speak from personal experience with having had a child who was involved in 4-H for 13 years. Those years played just as an important a role in her education as her 13 years in school.

I said it earlier but I’ll say it again: Every child should have the opportunity to be involved in 4-H, whether it be Clover Kids, a 4-H club or even one of the specialty 4-H clubs in the County 4-H program.

There are very few relatively inexpensive programs such as 4-H that have such a great impact on a person’s life.

“To make the best better” — what a concept to teach our children today.


A special “hats off” to all of the animal contest superintendents (and judges) for their patience in working with the youth of the county as well as 4-H judges. Your time and effort is truly appreciated.

You helped to make each and every show a wonderful experience for our youth.


It’s hard to believe school will be starting in just a couple of weeks. Wow. Time to get geared for fall sports. We look forward to another year of sports. Complete pre-season coverage will be coming up in a future issue of the paper.


Regional Editor

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