As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, one must pause and look back on all the blessings the Lord giveth to us so generously.

This past year, I learned a song and the words to it have become to precious to me, because it reminds me of the greatest gift Jesus gave to me.

In spite of all my failures and shortcomings it tells me when He was on the cross His eyes were on the crowd that day but He looked ahead in time, when He was on the cross I was on His mind.

You too were on His mind that day. He knew everything about you and yet He loved you. He whose glory makes the Heavens shine.

Yes, you and I are so unworthy of His great mercy, grace and love but, when he was on the cross we were on His mind.

Oh, can one ever really give Him the thanks he so deserves. Yet all God asks of us in return is we believe in our hearts the Father loved us so much to send His Son to bare the burden of our sin, our failures and our shortcoming on the cross.

He wants us to bring them to Him because He already paid the price for them. The Father invites us to come to the foot of His Son’s cross that we might be washed clean by the blood of the Lamb.

He knows we make mistakes and slip and fall from time to time. Yet Christ died for us, and lives today siting at the Fathers right hand interceding for us.

He didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves. He himself sent the Holy Spirit to lead us into the paths of righteousness so we too might share in the glory that makes the heavens shine.

So, this year as you sit down to give thanks for all the tangible blessings you received from God. I ask you not to forget to give thanks to God for saving your soul and making you whole, for washing the crimson stain of sin from your life and making you in God’s eyes to be whiter than snow.

May God bless you this thanksgiving season with a new awareness of His great mercy towards you as you experience His great love, and peace.

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