Spring anyone? I am concerned the groundhog won’t even want to come out of his den to even see if there is a shadow to see. We have been spoiled the last couple of winters with unseasonably mild temps which makes this winter that much more intolerable. It is messing with travel schedules, work schedules, and more importantly, school schedules.

As a parent, I have spent many an evening with my boys wondering whether or not they would have school the next day. One time in particular, they waited until the early morning hours to finally make the determination. I think we got the text at 5:30 a.m. Why can’t they just decide? We too often live in the gray area of life, not making decisions for fear of what that commitment might mean.

So, we stay uncomfortably in the middle instead of taking decisive action, which often has consequences. We are content to stay “lukewarm.”

Our faith is no different. Many of us are living with a lukewarm Christianity in our daily lives. We get content with things the way they are. Not challenging. God on our terms. Comfortable. We don’t invite new people to church because we like the group that we have. We don’t want to upset the status quo.

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But that is not the way we were designed to live out our faith.

This lukewarm attitude reminds me of one of my favorite passages from the book of Revelation. In chapter 3 we find a short note for the church in Laodicea. Jesus challenges them because they are “neither hot nor cold.” He goes as far as to say because of their lukewarmness, he will spit them out. That is a pretty harsh warning about having a wishy-washy faith.

Jesus goes on to remind them though that he is standing at the door, knocking. He is awaiting our invitation to come inside so that we can move from being casual acquaintances to true friends. It is as simple as that. If you find yourself feeling a little ho-hum lately, that is not what God wants for you. Maybe you need to go check the door. Allow Jesus to be more than just window dressing so that He can once again light the fire deep down in your soul. That is enough to warm even -40-degree days.

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