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I want to thank all of those individuals who sent good wishes and positive support for the proposed corner market.

Unfortunately, we didn't do a very good job of presenting the concept accurately so people understood what it was going to be or look like.

We had planned on presenting a rendition and information on the theme of the marketing at the meeting.

We also had an additional 200-plus signatures from Forest City residents favoring the project to present the council at the second reading but understood it was tabled.

I was unable to attend the meeting because of a health issue, so we were relieved for the extra time.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, it was not tabled.

There were tons of positive emails and comments that convinced us of the need for a market in that location.

Even ex-residents of the west end of town sent messages stating they wished it would have happened while they lived there.

It is a moot point now but I am thankful that for the most part people who opposed the marker were respectful and stated their reasons without animosity. I thank them for that.

We can disagree on something and still be respectful and considerate of one another.

For those who were hoping for another located to be considered I wish that was an option bu there is not another location with a traffic count or population density that would support a store on the west side of town.

We did a lot of research for 10 before we acted on the request that we pursue this project and that was the only feasible location.

We believe it would have been an asset to the community and we were excited about designing the restaurant kitchen and seating, coffee shop and the outdoor amenities such as seating and landscape features which would support the facilities theme of highlighting past local theatrical productions and talent.

We wish we had had the opportunity to address the many misconceptions about the proposed market presented by opponents.

It was however good to see community members actually engaged and discussing community issues, even if the outcome was not what we'd hoped for.

Too often residents don't pay attention to local matters.

I only wish there had been more time for a more thorough vetting of the proposal.


Mary Ann Farus

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Regional Editor

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