The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution with the intent to withdraw from County Social Services and form a new mental health region.

According to the resolution, Winnebago County is currently part of a 22-county region, CSS, since March 2014. For the past year, it has been in contention with CSS over an alleged delinquency amount owed to CSS by the county.

The county has been up to date in paying all levy allocations, but has refused to pay the amount CSS is requesting to build a new fund balance.

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“The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors believes a new region, comprised mostly of rural counties and significantly smaller in size, is not only capable of providing all of the required and necessary core services for the residents of these counties, but, in addition, would be more transparent and better able to manage the funding so that it more appropriately reflects a fair distribution of taxpayer money spent for services used,” the resolution states.

Supervisor Chairman Terry Durby said the 28E Agreement, which the county acknowledges its willingness to sign according to the resolution, was written by Kossuth County and is the Winnebago County’s intent if possible to form their own region.

“It doesn’t commit us at this point," Durby said. "We’re just saying we have the intent to form our own region, and it might put pressure on the legislature to do something to accommodate us."

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