Despite receiving a memo, by its county engineer, recommending against the conversion for systematic reasons, the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors approved converting the level B road 110th Avenue into a level A road. 

During the previous week's meeting, the supervisors had discussed the road, which is on the west side of Linden Township near Kirk Helm’s home.

During the meeting, county engineer Scott Meinders had recommended against the conversion for systematic reasons.

“As a systematic approach, we’re trying to maintain our level B roads as is so that we don’t stretch our resources any further and we’re able to focus on level A roads,” Meinders said.

Meinders said in this case the road had been upgraded by the wind farm, so there won’t be any cost to the residents in the area.

“Our biggest concern for this would be the snow removal,” he said. “It would be a tricky mile to get through when we got tall banks out there.”

While Helm’s home has a driveway leading to the level B road, he also has another driveway that leads to 350th Street, the road directly south of him, though Helm said he often uses the north-south road.

“It’s on it but not reliant completely,” Supervisor Chairman Terry Durby said.

Ultimately, Supervisor Bill Jensvold made the motion to approve the conversion because, although Helm’s home is not reliant on 110th Avenue, “it would be by far the most convenient one for him.”

Meinders said the County has had consistent policy on such conversions up until this point.

“Some have gone back and forth, but there have been very few changes in the last nine or 10 years,” he said.

Jensvold said the precedent is being set in a sense, but this road has a much higher amount of traffic on it than other level B roads, with which Supervisor Mike Stensrud agreed, saying there is always an exception to a rule.

“It’s not going to be easy to sway my mind on a lot of others as far as this goes,” Jensvold said.

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