Winnebago County Seal

Following Hancock County’s approval to create a new county seal per recent Iowa code, the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors now has a new seal.

The new county seal was approved during the supervisors' weekly meeting.

County auditor Karla Weiss presented the supervisors with the new seal, which will be put on all voting ballots.

Weiss said she worked with Winn-Worth Betco to create the new seal, which features a picture of the courthouse in the middle.

“I think Melissa [Michaelis] and [Alexis Bodzioch] did a great job coming up with it,” she said.

For the ballots, Weiss said the seal will be as presented to the supervisors on paper.

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Winnebago County needed the new seal because, similar to Hancock County, each office had its own seal – auditor, recorder, treasurer, etc. Per the new Iowa code, the seal must have the word “treasurer” or its abbreviation “TR” on the seal and cannot have the word “auditor” on it.

“I think in the next legislative session they’ll fix this so that you can have [auditor on the seal],” Weiss said.

According to Weiss, the Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate doesn’t want to fix it through administrative rule.

“He wants the legislators to fix what they did,” she said.

Supervisor Terry Durby said they always follow up new legislation with administrative rule to define how it’s being interpreted.

“That’s where a lot of things almost change the law,” Durby said.

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