Courthouse east entrance

The east courthouse entrance will be rebuilt, with the planters removed and the stairs extended to their original width.

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors accepted the proposal change order estimate from D. Randall Construction, LLC, to rebuild the front entry of the Winnebago Courthouse.

During the Tuesday, Oct. 8 meeting, Supervisor Chairman Terry Durby said this is the final phase in remodeling the Winnebago Courthouse.

The remodeling project includes tearing down and rebuilding the east entrance to the courthouse, taking out the planters and making new steps across the whole front entrance, tuckpointing the brick wall under the entrance and cleaning up.

“We’ll be taking the steps out, then we’re going to make the steps back to the original full width, put it back to the way it was, get rid of the planters,” Durby said.

Supervisor Bill Jensvold said the planters are being taken out because they’ve just been catching water and creating more of a problem.

Randall will also be reusing the columns and replacing the upper part of the entryway, Durby said.

The estimate from D. Randall Construction is $383,182.50 and does not include any below grade work, carved keystones, any sidewalk work, railings or new bonds.

Durby said Randall will be closing the east entrance off during the winter to work on it. Work will start after Jan. 1 and work will continue through the winter.

The Supervisors have been chasing the project, trying to get it done as soon as possible because one of the stone cutting contractors is about to retire.

Durby said he is the only one they can trust to get them the properly cut keystones.

“Even if he’s not going to do the management of the cutting, at least he’s identified this as a cost and we’re locked in, so whoever follows him has to go by those specs and those costs,” Durby said.

Durby said the Supervisors had decided to put priority on the project and now is the time to do it and be done with it, though they will have to borrow the money to do it.

“We need to do it while we can,” he said. “I think we can probably save a little money. It’s not going to be any less, but it might be more later.”

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