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WH Board of Supervisors approve road repair plans

WH Board of Supervisors approve road repair plans


Commuters driving certain secondary roads in Winnebago County will soon have a few upgraded one to drive on, thanks to the approval of the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors.

During their weekly meeting held on Tuesday, Nov, 5, Supervisors approved the secondary plans and specifications for 2020 asphalt resurfacing projects presented by Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders.

The cost is estimated at $4.4 million, which will be primarily funded from Road Use Tax programs.

“Today is actually somewhat of an exciting day for projects, which I have on the agenda,” Meinders said. “Winnebago County will be resurfacing 17 miles of asphalt roads this coming summer."

Meinders said less than 5% will be paid directly from the Winnebago County’s Secondary Road Fund, which will be included in next year’s budget.

Projects will be let on February 18, through the Iowa Department of Transportation.

This is a big deal," Meinders said, "and something we’ve been working on and had in the plans for a number of years.”

He also said the projects, except for the ones on the periphery of Buffalo Center, will consist of four inches of cold in-place recycling.

“So, the top four inches will be ground up in a pug mill, mixed with a rejuvenating agent, and packed back down,” Meinders said. “Once that’s done, it will be kind of wavy and opened to traffic, which will run on it for several days. Then we put three inches of new asphalt over top of it.”

Meinders said the plan was to pave between one to two miles at a time, shutting down the section that was being worked on at the time, leaving the road open as much as possible, pulling road traffic back up in the evening.

He added no detours would be planned as the detours would have to go out way to far, and would be rather pointless.

The planned secondary pavement projects include:

1. A16 from R34 to R60/Scarville

2. R50 from Hwy 9 to A38

3. A38 from Hwy 69/Leland to R72

4. Local roads bordering Buffalo Center City Limits

“Two projects of those projects together, makeup the roads on the edge of Buffalo Center - the stretch by the old Casey’s and then north out of Buffalo Center,” Meinders. “Mill Road and 44O is on the north side of Buffalo Center, which is a paved road there. The Mill road is one block from Highway 9, north and then I think its Seventh Ave., which is on the north city limits, and it will go from there to 440.”

Meinders said certain pavement areas skipped fall within the city limits, making it the city’s responsibilities.

Jesusa Christians is the Community Editor of the Forest City/Britt Summit-Tribune.


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