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Waldorf students at FCHS

Waldorf University student Mandi Wright speaks to Forest City High School English 3 students about poetry. 

FOREST CITY | Waldorf University students recently visited Forest City High School to talk poetry with English 3 classes. 

Mandi Wright, Ruth Worrell and Rakaillia Pauley, who are members of the Creative Writing Club at Waldorf, read examples of  poetry to the high school students on Oct. 26.  

Wright said they chose more modern selections since most high school students are only familiar with more traditional poets, such as Robert Frost. 

"I just like being able to give students a different perspective on poetry," said Wright, who was also among the Waldorf students who visited the English 3 classes last year. 

The Waldorf students had the high-schoolers create their own metaphors and explain their meeting. 

One English 3 student came up with the metaphor, "Life is a minefield." She said it refers to all the unexpected things that can happen to someone at any time. 

Wright encouraged students to listen more closely to the lyrics of their favorite songs. 

Wright told the students the earliest poems weren't written down at first, but people memorized them and recited them to others.

This gave rise to rhythmic patterns such as iambic pentameter because it made the verses easier to memorize, she said. 

Wright also said poetry can change society, using the example of the Beat poets of the 1950s, who started a huge counter-cultural movement. 

She said writers coming together to share their poetry with each other is a powerful thing, and she encouraged the high school students to do this. 

It's OK if someone else hears or reads a poem and comes up with a different interpretation than the writer intended, according to Wright.

"The poem is doing what it is supposed to do," she said. 

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