FC Dump Site

At the Forest City tree dump and compost pile site, located off Quail Ave, a gravel road off 335th Street, people burning their trees, brush and stumps, from out of the city limits, at the site.

The Forest City City Council tightened up the language in a city ordinance regulating the disposal of brush collected outside city limits at the city-operated burn site.

The need for the amendment was in response to some people who have been burning brush from outside the city limits at the city-operated burning site.

During last week's council meeting, members adopted an amendment which prohibits burning brush collected outside the city limits, at the city-operated burning site. The site is open to brush only collected within the city limits of Forest City.

In addition, residents wanting to use the burning site need to register to use it. The rules and procedures for registering will be established by Streets and Sanitation Superintendent Mike O’Rourke.

Violations of these rules will be declared as city infractions, punishable by a civil penalty of $500 for each violation.

City attorney Steve Bakke recommended the change in the language be put on a sign at the burning site.

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