FC Swim 4

This year's AHEELA Conference Swim Meet was held at the Forest City Aquatic Center.

Various maintenance issues threaten the Forest City Aquatic Center swimming pool in Forest City.

During their Sept. 16 meeting, the Forest City City Council decided to provide the center with no more than $100,000 to do all the necessary repairs.

Chad Reese and Nate Nelson led the discussion, at the city council meeting, detailing all the issues with the pool, from plumbing to tiles, as well as describing what would need to be done to fix them.

“The fact is, we have some significant damage that has occurred to the pool,” Reese said. “We’re not sure in some cases why, with some broken pipes. We are aware of some issues in with the shocking turning the water on and off…”

At one point the pool’s pipes were leaking water, 400,000 gallons. We had to isolate the leak and shut it down when no one was there, Reese said.

“So there’s some things we need to address,” Reese said. “It’s unfortunate in the fact that we have a pool that is…11 years old…but it’s having some issues that I think we need to address for a long-term pool.”

Nelson said one of the main issues with the pool is a passing joint in the pit that has a crack and is stalling with moisture getting beneath it, though he doesn’t think anything is lifting yet.

Mechanical and concrete contractors out of Des Moines who specialize in pools took a look at it and at the architectural plans, Nelson said.

“The joint should never have been placed that way,” he said. “They’re suggesting a full rip-out of that joint in that pit and redoing it.”

Nelson asked the council for approval to trench-cut the cut and have the contractors come in through all the concrete and fix the joint.

Another problem with the pool is the lazy river, with its tiles all broken and horrible-looking, it is costly to the city, according to Nelson.

“I did not fix it this year,” Nelson said. “I left it as it is, cracked, because we’re not gaining anything, just wasting money.”

Additionally, the gutters are breaking at every joint in the sidewalk cracks and the problems with the pool just keep going.

Nelson said the pool will need some help from the Parks and Recreation Department and the City to reduce some of the costs of the necessary repairs to the pool.

City administrator Barb Smith said the City will have to use some money from the reserve funds to help with the costs.

“This is why we have reserves, for when situations like this come up. We don’t have to borrow money for it and then we’ll just slowly start replenishing our reserves,” Smith said.

Smith had suggested the council approve funding for no more than $60,000 to $100,000, which is roughly 1 percent the cost of getting a brand new pool.

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