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FOREST CITY | Mosaic in Northern Iowa has announced the closure of two of its four ICF/ID homes effective March 31, 2019.

According to Sammi Scholtes, Community Relations Officer, Mosaic in Northern Iowa - Northeast Division, the decision came after many of months of analysis and discussion regarding the company’s staffing crisis in Forest City.

Scholtes said the lowest number of open positions the company had in Forest City at one time had been approximately 50. However, in recent months, there have been close to 70 open positions in Forest City alone.

“We have attempted to recruit and attract employees many different ways, but have not seen sustained improvement in our number of open positions,” Scholtes said. “Over this last year, we have had to use a high number of temporary staff to help fill the gap and the need. This is not ideal.

“We have all seen the quality of services impacted, due to this extreme staffing shortage.

Scholtes said by reducing the ICF/ ID homes from six to four, Mosaic will be able to utilize current employees much more effectively, reducing the need for temporary staff. This will also allow the company to focus its recruiting efforts on a smaller number of open positions.

“Our target date to have both homes closed is March 31, 2019,” Scholtes said. “However, neither home will close until appropriate placements have been found for all living in those homes.

Scholtes said while the decision was difficult to make, the company believes strongly it is the right decision for the agency and services in Forest City.

“The remaining four ICF homes will continue to operate,” Scholtes said. “There are no plans to close more homes. With careful planning, we have also been able to identify ways to continue to serve the majority of the people who currently live in the homes we are closing.

“Mosaic in Northern Iowa is not closing our doors, we are just making changes that will keep our doors open for many years to come.”

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