The Forest City City Council set Nov. 2 and 3 as the dates to hold a goose hunt for the Canadian geese that have made a home in the city.

The decision to move forward with the hunt came during the Monday, Oct. 7 city council meeting.

Councilmember Brad Buffington said the council deciding to “take care of business” was critical in relation to other hunting seasons and migrating geese.

Buffington said he thought the council wanted to do the goose hunt out of a season so hunters were only targeting geese that were making Forest City their home, otherwise hunters are just shooting geese from somewhere else like Pilot Knob and the Forest City geese will still be there.

City administrator Barb Smith said she talked to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, who said the city can have a goose hunting season whenever they want. It just has to be in writing by the city council to allow the discharge of weapons within the city limits, since a current Forest City ordinance makes discharging weapons within city limits unlawful.

“They’re ruining the golf course, and we’re having troubles with them out at the shooting range and Heritage Park,” she said.

The City had a similar hunt two years ago, also, Smith said.

Councilmember Karl Wooldridge suggested the people joining the goose hunt this year make a list of their names by the next council meeting, Oct. 21, so the council knows who is hunting. The council can then pick a date to hold the hunt and allow the hunters to discharge their weapons on that date.

City attorney Steve Bakke said the council will have to approve who is hunting and where they are hunting and pass a motion to allow discharging weapons within the city limits during the hunt at their next meeting Oct. 21.

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