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FOREST CITY | If the Forest City Community School District has an upcoming no school day due to weather after January 31, one “e-learning day” trial will take place.

An e-learning day means students in K-12 will complete class or grade-level activities/assignments at home and this day will not be added as a make-up day at the end of the school year.

“A committee comprised of elementary, middle school and high school teachers as well as administration began studying this concept in December,” said Darwin Lehmann, superintendent. “Our plan is to trial one e-learning day this year and then review feedback from students, staff and parents to determine whether more days, up to three, can be an alternative for inclement weather during the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.”

The district will communicate the e-learning day is taking place via our notification app, SchoolWay, and email. “Again, this is only applicable for one day, so if other no school days occur due to weather occur before or after this trial date, those days will be added onto the end of the school year,” Lehmann said.

For elementary-age students, teachers will provide students with hard-copy and grade-level activities/assignments. This information will be sent home to parents by the end of January so students have it available for the e-learning trial day.

For middle school and high school age students, teachers will communicate with students via email/Google Classroom and set an instruction plan for the e-learning day. Teachers will be available online from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. to answer any questions.

Students K-12 are responsible for completing the work and will also have two days following the no school day e-learning trial to complete any work.

“For middle school and high school students, our technology really allows teachers and students to continue most of what is happening in a particular class. For elementary-age students, activities will be grade-level practice work in all subject areas,” Lehmann said.

After the trial day, students, parents and teachers will be surveyed. “This feedback will be critical in determining whether we could continue this concept in future years. In theory, learning can continue, even in inclement weather, and it could help with the school year ending closer to the scheduled date,” Lehmann said.

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