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The Forest City tree dump and compost pile site, located off Quail Ave, a gravel road off 335th Street, is about to get some security cameras to ward off people bringing their trees, brush and stumps from out of the city limits to the site.

Those using Forest City's tree dump and compost pile will soon find security cameras at the dump.

The Forest City City Council approved installing the security system during their meeting on Monday June 17.

The need to install the security system and fence is due to people not living in Forest City putting their trees and compost into the city dump.

The city decided to put up the security system to catch the people illegally using the dump and compose file.

The new security will consist of a camera system and a fence around the perimeter of the area and will be provided by River City Communications Inc. and River City Fence.

The accepted bid by River City Communications, which includes security cameras, stream and network video recorders with plenty of space for storing data, came to a total of $5,374.

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River City Fence’s bid, including 48 inches of chain link fencing, came to a total of $1,652.66.

Since the council accepted both these bids, the total cost for the security system around the tree dump and compost pile came to $7,026.66.

“Our main concern…was to get a camera that was good enough to read license plates and faces, and we’d be able to prosecute them off of it,” Councilmember Ron Holland said. “We also added in…a little short fence, 4 foot high along there, so we’re going to corral them in there.”

Holland said the council will also possibly put in a speed bump and a check-in point at the entrance to the site.

“You put a speed bump in there, a check-in point there, and [the River City Communications representative] guaranteed me that if this does not work that he’ll come and take it out and they won’t charge the city,” Holland said.

City administrator Barb Smith said the city council will have to put some sort of ordinance together because right now the city doesn’t have any ordinance stating people coming into the site have to stop and state where their load is coming from or everything associated with the material being dumped.

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