FOREST CITY | The Forest City City Council appointed councilmen Ron Holland, Dan Davis and Karl Wooldridge to a housing committee to work with the city's housing commission on the proposed housing code changes.

“The Housing Commission is asking for some guidance from the Council,” city administrator Barb Smith said. “After the town hall meeting last Monday night, the Housing Commission has no idea how the Council wants to proceed.”

Mayor Barney Ruiter said the ad hoc committee doesn’t fall under the guidelines of the committee appointed through the Council, which is mainly for safety. The council decided it was better to appoint an independent committee.

Councilman Denny Zehren was against creating the new committee, saying it just adds another step and further convolutes the process.

Ultimately, the Council looks to find a good solution between landlords and the city so everyone is happy, according to Smith.

“I don’t want to rush in the process,” she said.

The council also authorized the submission of applications for the Iowa Airport Improvement Program and certified eligibility requirements for the Forest City Municipal Airport.

Airport manager Dick Trimble said the application was for money to update the fuel system, which was built in 1991. In addition, the airport needs to install a metering system on the pumps, which will allow for retail sales.  He added an update of the pump was also needed.

According to Trimble, the Airport Commission would like to see the airport spend its money to completely update the system; as a result, the airport is going after a $250,000 state project, which he said is the best they can get from the state.

The Jet A Fueling Facility project at the airport is anticipated to need $254,000 for its construction, 15 percent of which, about $38,100, will come from the city and the remaining 85 percent, or $215,900, will come from the State grant funds, according to the resolution.

Trimble said the old system, which is currently owned by the city, would be up for sale after it is replaced.

The council approved repairing or replacing the downtown mural that is missing a panel and has some damage in the middle panel.

Norma Hertzer of Forest City Economic Development said it was either damaged by the strong winds from the recent blizzard or someone took it.

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