Rain in November? That's what will be falling at the Boman Fine Arts Center with Forest City High School theatre students take to the stage.

The students have been rehearsing for about on the musical “Singing in the Rain,” which they will perform on Nov. 9 and 10.

Director and drama teacher Josh Sparrgrove said he chose “Singing in the Rain,” because it is a great classic show that’s a lot of fun and will be a great crowd pleaser.

“We have a very strong group of dancers this year and we really wanted to showcase that aspect,” he said.

Sparrgrove said he wanted to do a show with lots of dance in it and quickly narrowed down their selections to “Singing in the Rain” when choosing which musical to do.

“I think the best part of the show is that it has a very old-school Hollywood vibe to it,” he said. “It’s a classic show and it’s been fun to see the students enjoy it,” he said.

There are about 80 students involved in this production and Sparrgrove said having 80 students dancing on stage with umbrellas with no one getting hurt has been the biggest challenge this year, but so far the students “have done an excellent job with it.”

Seniors Elsa Yeager and Micaiah Krutsinger said the main challenge has been learning all the singing and dancing.

“It’s hard to keep all of it straight and know it all and memorize it all,” Yeager said.

Krutsinger, who plays the male diction teacher along with other smaller roles, said this is his 10th musical while in high school, and said learning dances, especially tap dances, in previous musicals has helped him with learning “Singing in the Rain.”

“I feel like learning dances, like tap with ‘Anything Goes’ last year, I feel like that’s really helped me prepare for this show, because this is like a pretty tap-heavy show,” he said.

This is Yeager’s fourth musical in high school, and she said learning tap last year has helped her this year as well, though this show is “so different.”

Though he’s done bigger roles in the past, this year Krutsinger is doing a lot more behind-the-scenes roles in this musical.

“It’s a new experience for me, which I’m learning quite a bit from,” he said.

Yeager plays Kathy Seldon, the female lead role in the musical, and she said her character is a lot like her as a person.

“She’s like a girl-next-door,” Yeager said. “She’s very kind, and she’s very loving. She really loves singing and dancing and acting.”

Learning not only the singing and dancing but also how to blend it all together to make one coherent play has been a challenge for Yeager, she said.

Since he’s always been on the stage, Krutsinger said a new challenge for him this year has been learning the behind-the-scenes work.

“I’m still clearly on the stage, just in a different aspect on the stage,” he said.

Krutsinger said the cast needs to keep working on the musical even outside of rehearsals to always be prepared for rehearsal.

“I feel like we do okay in rehearsal, but then it’s just continuing to work outside of rehearsal that we should be focusing more on,” he said. “Rehearsal doesn’t end when our rehearsal gets out. It still continues outside of rehearsal.”

“Singing in the Rain” will be shown Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. at the Boman Fine Arts Center.

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