FCHS Speech Team

Some members of the Forest City High School speech team receiving a Division I rating at District Speech are (front row, from left) Lyndee Jones, Alyssa Buffington, Abbie Segerstrom, Alex Brahm, Crisia Doroteo, Josie Edel, Sarah Hovinga, and Micaiah Krutsinger; (back row) Kailyn Corey, Sophia Kudej, Skylar Hall, Laura Harms, Ethan Suby, Andrew Olson, Seth May, Dan Hovinga, and Levi Wood.

RICEVILLE | Forest City High School’s speech team participated in the district individual contest held in Riceville on Thursday, Feb. 27. 

Those receiving a Division I rating will compete at the state individual contest on Saturday, March 9 at Waldorf University in Forest City.

The following students received Division I ratings:

• Lyndee Jones, acting

• Olivia Sarasio Meyer, expository address and storytelling

• Josie Edel, review and public address

• Elsa Yeager, review

• Seth May, review

• Alyssa Buffington, original oratory

• Meggie Kleveland, original oratory and public address

• Natalie Jefson, original oratory

• Alex Brahm, spontaneous speaking and poetry

• Anna Lehmann, after dinner speaking

• Brianna Carlson, after dinner speaking

• Dan Hovinga, musical theater

• Abbie Segerstrom, musical theater

• Micaiah Krutsinger, musical theater

• Anna Weaver, musical theater

• Sarah Hovinga, musical theater

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• Crisia Mae Doroteo, prose and poetry

• Kailyn Corey, poetry

• Sophia Kudej, prose

• Andrew Olson, acting

• Olivia Gayther, acting and literary program

• Laura Harms, storytelling

• Levi Wood, improve

• Skylar Hall, improv

The following students received Division II ratings at contest:

• Brettin Linder, radio

• Anna Lehmann, expository address

• Rachel Vogt, prose

• Kailyn Corey, storytelling

• Jessa Loges, storytelling

• Skylar Hall, poetry

• Christiana Archer, literary program

• Ethan Suby, literary program

• Sophia Kudej, improv

These students were coached by Scott Bertelsen, Josh Sparrgrove, Ian Bartelt, Dan May and Lynnea Fredrickson. 

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