New Forest City Mobile Apps

SchoolMessenger solutions enable parents, staff, students and community members to stay informed.

The Forest City Community School District launched an official mobile app today, called Forest City CSD , designed to enable parents, staff, students and the broader community to stay informed and up-to-date on important issues, information and activities underway within the school community.

The free app, Forest City CSD, can be downloaded for Apple iOS and Android and does not require a username or password. Developed in partnership with West Corporation, the trusted provider of

SchoolMessenger Solutions for education, the new app will provide families with 24/7/365 access to the daily calendar, lunch menus, directories, news, school-related apps/programs and more. The district will also send announcements/push notifications like news and weather-related announcements to the general community through this app.

The district also launched a second app over the summer, called SchoolMessenger Communicate, to staff and currently-enrolled students and their parents/guardians. Teachers may send classroom and or class-specific announcements. Coaches and activity leaders can communicate with students and parents. Administrators will send school-specific and weather-related announcements.

“Our new Forest City CSD mobile app allows everyone in the community to stay up-to-date on the information that they want and need directly from their mobile device,” Forest City Superintendent Darwin Lehmann. “It works like a mobile website and allows one-click access to our school calendar, menus, handbooks, apps and programs the district uses and more.”

Highly secure and flexible, the school’s new app is built on a communication platform that permits the district to manage and share content easily. With budget limitations a reality for schools throughout the nation, West was able to partner with the district to deliver this affordable new communication channel. In addition, the company will manage hosting and technical updates and provide 24/7 support.

Key features include:

● Ability to view the daily calendar of events. Events can also be added to a personal calendar on your device.

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● The district will send community-related push notifications like no school days, activity cancellations/postponements and news.

● One-click access to breakfast and lunch menus, student handbooks and school building announcements.

● A staff directory. Click on a staff member and call or email them directly.

● Staff and currently-enrolled students and parents/guardians can launch the SchoolMessenger app.

● Check out what’s happening in the district’s social media sites —Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

● Link to the Livestream (KIOW service), Varsity Bound (scores app), Iowa Rapid Reporting (Anonymous Reporting app) and Infinite Campus.

“Our former notification service, SchoolWay, decided to no longer offer their service as of June 30 so it put us in a position to determine the best way to move forward,” said Lehmann. “The SchoolMessenger solutions provide us with the ability to communicate student-affiliated messages as well as distribute messages to the general community. The Forest City CSD app brings it all together. We know that in order for families to get involved in school activities and functions they must first be informed of them,” Lehmann said.

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